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The Vaclav Havel Center promotes democratic freedoms, universal human rights, and the power of the arts to uplift and transform our lives in the spirit of Vaclav Havel.

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We complement Vaclav Havel Library in Prague by organizing access to unique materials documenting Havel’s accomplishments and activities in North America.

The Václav Havel Centre is gradually gathering, digitizing, and making accessible written materials, photographs, sound recordings and other materials linked to the person of Václav Havel.

We create an effective, cutting-edge interactive platform and bridge to promote worldwide awareness of Havel’s crucial contributions not only to the democratic transition in Central Europe, but to ongoing debates about a much larger transition of the global community from the 20th to 21st century.


The Vaclav Havel Center’s annual Disturbing the Peace Award recognizes writers who share President Vaclav Havel’s passionate commitment to human rights and have suffered unjust persecution for their beliefs. The award is given each year to a writer of a distinguished work of fiction, literary nonfiction, biography, memoire, drama, or poetry, who is courageous in dissent and has been punished for challenging an oppressive regime. The award, which includes a $5,000 cash prize, supports talented individuals who embody Havel’s legacy while drawing attention to the many writers worldwide who bravely fight human rights violations.

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Please join us in our mission to extend the Vaclav Havel. Only with the help of our diverse supporters can we pass Havel’s story and thought to students, activists, and the broad international public.


To honor Vaclav Havel’s theatrical legacy, VHC collects information about productions of his plays in America, awards scholarships to Czech and U.S. students of drama and performance studies, and presents an annual festival of contemporary European theater, Rehearsal for Truth.


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“Keep the company of those who seek the truth- run from those who have found it”

Vaclav Havel

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