© Tomki Nemec


© Tomki Nemec

Slovakia, 1 July 1992 - Bratislava.Vaclav Havel greeting the public during his last official stay in Bratislava before the break-up of the Czechoslovak federation. © Tomki Nemec

We celebrate hope.

Our programs explore Havel’s profound  contribution to building free and just societies. Through a nuanced examination of his ideas and actions, we aim to inspire a new generation committed to realizing Havel’s vision of a more equitable and compassionate world.

We span generations.

We safeguard the values Havel stood for and pass them on to future generations.

USA, 22 February 1990 - New York.Vaclav Havel at the Headquarters of the human rights organization Helsinki Watch; he expressed his thanks for the help given to the opposition in Czechoslovak in previous years. © Tomki Nemec
Egypt, 16 December 1991 - Giza.On a state visit to Egypt the President visited one of the Seven Wonders of the World; he said he sensed the transient nature of everyday worries compared to the many thousands of years of history of the pyramids. © Tomki Nemec

We embrace the world.

Our purpose is inclusive, advancing the rights and dignity of peoples around the world.

The photos on this page are taken by photographer Tomki Nemec. You can support his work and order his unique book of black-and-white photographs featuring Václav Havel here: www.havelbook.com


Fundraising and building trust

Blockchain technology could improve the transparency of charitable giving by allowing people to track their donations as they go through an organization.


Unlimited size

Big transfers are time-consuming and subject to a potential theft by intermediaries, something that is technically impossible when using the blockchain.


Non-profit lending platforms

Charity today is not as straightforward as it used to be; it goes way beyond donating money or goods to those in need.