Peace Must Prevail | Ma Thida

Peace Must Prevail |
Ma Thida, 2016 Disturbing the Peace Recipient
March 7, 2022

We, the recipients of the Disturbing the Peace Award to a Courageous Writer at Risk, are whole-heartedly disturbed by Russian forces against Ukraine and its consequences on people of both Ukraine and Russia. We urgently call for an end to the bloodshed and loss of peace.

We believe all individuals have a right to freedom, peace and free expression. Putin’s attack on freedom and democracy is not just in Ukraine and Russia itself, but around the world. Civilians in Ukraine are terrorized by Putin’s forces and lost their lives, their loved ones, their properties and their rights to determine their own future. At the same time, Putin’s new law prohibits and violates rights of freedom of expression of Russians.

We united in support of Ukraine citizen’s determined resistance, and also in condemnation of Putin’s act of destroying peace in Ukraine.

Peace must prevail.