“Guardian Angel” to descend at Tehran theater

Source: Tehran Times / www.tehrantimes.com / By Bahman Vakhshur /

TEHRAN – Czech writer Vaclav Havel’s 1968 play “Guardian Angel” will be staged by the Iranian student troupe Mana in Tehran.

The troupe is currently rehearsing along with its director Sadeq Vafai who previously staged Havel’s “Audience” and “Leaving” in Tehran.

Guardian Angel
Photo: Abbas Khadem and Sadeq Vafai attend a rehearsal for “Guardian Angel” at Tehran’s Zaptik Workshop on December 15, 2017.

They are scheduled to begin performing at the Zolfaqari Hall of the Arasbaran Cultural Center on December 31.

“‘Guardian Angel’ is a study in paranoid comedy and comical menace,” once said Paul Wilson who translated the play into English.

“Taking as his jumping-off point the archetypal situation of the mysterious stranger at the door, Havel creates a sideways satire of police-state mentality,” he wrote.

Vafai is also a member of the cast, which also features Abbas Khadem, Alireza Gilvari and Bahman Vakhshur.

The set for the play has been designed by Milad Ebrahim and Vakhshur. The veteran director, Hossein Farrokhi, is an advisor to the troupe.

Vafai is also writer and director “Suspense in the Depths of the Atlantic”, the story of a German submarine that was assigned the mission to attack ships of the Allies during World War II. The play was performed at Tehran’s Nasser Khosro Hall in July 2016.