Hungarian Theater Company, dollardaddy’s to present: OTTHON / HOME

The Rehearsal for Truth theater festival honoring Vaclav Havel provides a platform for artists from Central Europe to perform in New York City this fall. On Wednesday September 27 at 8 pm, the Hungarian theater company, dollardaddy’s, from Budapest will present the production called “OTTHON / HOME”.
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The piece has been directed by Tamás Ördög.

The cast includes:
Krisztina Urbanovits as Elise
Máté Dezső Georgita as Fredrik
Emőke Kiss-Végh as Gerda
Tamás Ördög as Axel

The second show of the trilogy, loosely based on a Strindberg play (The Pelican,) is presented by a small group of young theater makers usually performing in a small, very sterile environment like a rehearsal room or ballet room. A very intimate and intensive experience, very much based on the art of the actor, of a rarely produced drama about familial politics and economic inequality that resonates in the same way as when the play was first staged in 1907.

dollardaddy’s (Dollár Papa Gyermekei) are one of the youngest Hungarian ensembles, true risk-takers in every sense: experimenting on the boundaries of real life and theatre in a minimalistic style with very little set or costume, re-narrating Ibsen and other classic playwrights while keeping the characters, the situations and the conflicts, but speaking the lines in their own words. Their original acting style, inspired by the Dogma films, invites the audience to be part of a uniquely intimate relationship with the performers: they are seated inside the “living-room”, everything is happening just within their grasp.

Please note that the show will be performed in Hungarian with English subtitles.

The performance will be taking place in the Multifunctional Room at the Bohemian National Hall and includes a talk back session introduced by Attila Szabó followed by an Afterparty in the Ballroom Bar.


“The actors sometimes sit down next to the spectators to comment on scenes they don’t have to play in, while other times they burst into laughter in the middle of a sentence. The show {HOME}  is defined by exaggerated triviality and abstraction as well as very recognisable ordinariness. The characters are (almost) typical, the situations are (almost) ordinary. The result: pure theatre.”

(Tamás Jászay, critic, curator of dunaPart3 showcase)

“All actors perform double characters: themselves, as if the conflicts were their own, and the figures of Ibsen”

(Virág Vida, Színház, the leading theatre magazine in Hungary).

“So there we are sitting in a gym-like, neon-lit rehearsal room around the players, whose authenticity is almost scary, while they present the fighting couple, the cunning relative, the secret lover, the abandoned child or the pushy exterminator, and all we can do is peep and giggle, every one of us touched, piqued and tickled in different moments. This show really hits the nail on the head.”

(Andrea Stuber, critic)

“The customary bubble around the actor dissipates, the performer becomes approachable, the spectator emancipated. They stand on equal grounds.”

(, a leading Hungarian news and cultural site)

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Please note that the production does contain partial nudity


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For more information, contact:

Pavla Niklova, Executive Director Vaclav Havel Library Foundation, Cell: +1 917 847-4342

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