The International Day of Peace in Seoul

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PBF 2015 Contest
To commemorate the International Day of Peace, participants will explore what must be done to realize a sustainable global community. Participants will be able to present papers, photos or short video clips related to the main theme of the 2015 PBF, “On the Possibility of Common Values for Humanity,” or a general theme of world peace. The school will accept the application until Nov. 13.

An exhibition on the life and work of Vaclav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic
Participants will be able to read books and see photos and watch documentaries about Vaclav Havel, a central figure in the Velvet Revolution and former president of the Czech Republic. The books and photos will be displayed in the Grand Peace Hall lobby while documentaries can be watched in the Central Library AV room.

Kyung Hee Humanities Forum
The College of Humanities and the Humanitas College will hold this forum. Dr. Ivan Havel, the former director of the Center for Theoretical Study at Charles University, will speak on “Tentative Thoughts on Introspection,” during the forum. In his talk on psychology and cognitive science, he will present a new approach to understanding experiences of human consciousness.